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Having a speech impediment is one of the worst things that a child can experience. It deals a severe blow to their confidence. Often, children suffering from syndromes like ADHD and Down Syndrome have speech difficulties. In some cases, they might not able to speak properly, if at all, even if there are old enough to do so. As a parent, all this can be distressing. However, to solve such issues and develop your child’s speech in a better way, the Speech Blub: Language Therapy app on the Google Play Store is the best bet for you.

Improve Your Child’s Speech in an Effective Way

One of the biggest issues in speech therapy is keeping the child interested. When anyone undergoes therapy, it creates a certain level of anxiety on the patient. Speech therapy on children is no different. The Speech Blub: Language Therapy solves the issue by making therapy fun. The app uses scientifically proven video modelling for speech development. This is one of the most effective and engaging way to solve speech related issues. The app has 25 fun activity themes where your child will learn new words and how to use their tongue and lips to produce the right sound. It also has a voice activated functionality which makes speech therapy an interactive experience. Your child will also get access to a wide range of funny and educational content that will pique their interest and boost their confidence.


Over 1500 exercises that help your child learn speech
New content every week
Lets you collect sticker that will help make important milestones memorable
Your child can use special effects that will make learning fun


The Speech Blub: Language Therapy is the perfect app for children and parents who want to solve speech issues in a fun and effective way. The app is widely recommended by parents as well as speech therapy experts. When you use the app, it is easy to see why they love it so much. So, download the app today and make your child even more confident. The app is offered for a 7 day free trial so you can easily try out all the exercises and features of Speech Blubs.

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