Speech with Milo: Sequencing iPhone App Review

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Speech with Milo: Sequencing for iPhone is an educational app that teaches kids about sequencing activities. Using the app, kids will learn to sequence events such as washing their hands to going to movies. The app is meant for kids of 7 years and less. Speech with Milo can be downloaded for $2.99.

Dynamic Sequencing Exercises for Kids

Speech with Milo: Sequencing iPhone app was created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist to help children develop sequencing and storytelling skills. It features 35 dynamic sequencing exercises using animation to keep your child engaged. The adorable mouse Milo brings a friend along this time to entertain and help your child. Your child got to build basic sequencing skills by ordering three cards showing Milo and Melvin performing a task. For example, cards showing Milo “Washing Hands” and “Going to the Movies” are presented in random order. The child is tasked with putting the cards in order by dragging the images into the appropriate box (numbered 1-3). Once the child has put the cards in order, they are provided with the option to play the animation demonstrating the sequence of events. The app is provided with configurable options to view hints, hear the sentence aloud, ‘success’ sounds, etc so as to suit your child’s temperament.

Speech with Milo Sequencing iPhone App Review

Speech with Milo: Sequencing for iPhone comes with a set of instructions written by a licensed SLP to help you work with your child. Apart from sequencing and storytelling lessons, the app helps kids in increasing utterance length and developing complex sentences. These lessons also aid in improving their grammatical skills. The user interface is simple and colourful. The design is tailor-made for kids. The buttons have a prominent design and are laid out in a user friendly fashion. The cartoon characters look nice as well. Speech with Milo app requires iOS versions 4.3 or higher.


Speech with Milo: Sequencing for iPhone is an easy to use educational app for kids that teach them the art of sequencing as well as storytelling. The exercises also help in improving their grammatical skills as well as making complex sentences. With Speech with Milo, you can forget those $15 sequencing cards that you get at the educational stores. The UI of the app is well designed and easy to use for kids. The color theme also looks nice. Overall, a well-made educational app perfect for kids below 7 years of age.

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