Starlight Mobile Planetarium App for iPhone Review

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Starlight: Mobile Planetarium app for iPhone is a handy educational application for adults and children alike. For many of us, the sky and space is another world, and the application helps you come in terms with what makes up the night sky. Starlight: Mobile Planetarium iPhone app may be downloaded from iTunes for a nominal $0.99.

How Starlight: Mobile Planetarium App Works?

Starlight: Mobile Planetarium provides an opportunity to look at the night sky, in a way you’ve never experienced. Power up the app and simply point the iPhone camera to the sky and you’ll get a real-time display of what stars, planets, and constellations are above you at that moment. At an incredible 60 frames per second, the app gives you an amazingly smooth navigational experience.

In iPhone Starlight: Mobile Planetarium app, you’ll get to see constellations come to life against a vibrant backdrop of stars, each colored according to their actual stellar classification. Further, the app provides detailed info on each star or planet you find in the sky. The app makes use of over 100,000 stars from the Hipparcos database, painted accurately according to their spectral type. So it is unlikely that you’ll come across a situation wherein you want to know about a star, and the app does not have it in its database. In terms of resources, it covers all 88 western constellations and all planets in the solar system, including Pluto, even though it is no longer a recognized planet.

Starlight Mobile Planetarium App for iPhone

The graphics part is excellent. Every visual is precise and navigation extremely smooth. Downloading and installing the app is also a breeze, even though the file size of the app (8.8MB) could eat up some RAM. To use Starlight: Mobile Planetarium, you should have the Location Service enabled. This universal app works with iOS versions 4.2 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Starlight: Mobile Planetarium app for iPhone unravels the night sky before you in a manner you’ve never experienced. It is fun, educative, and easy to use. You’ll find info about each star/planet so that you’ll know what is what as you navigate through the night sky. For students, it’ll be an enriching experience beyond their text books. To sum it up, a must have application for people of all ages.

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