Storesh Android App Review

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Storesh app for Android is a cool storage management app that helps keep you organized. The app will help you avoid things getting misplaced by allowing you to easily track them using its unique label creator. Storesh app may be downloaded for $2.33 from Google Play Store.


Storesh app for Android let you easily find your items that you’d placed into storage, whether it is your garage or a cardboard box tucked away in your closet. The app allows you to make lists of items in individual storage and allows you to simply print labels with scannable QR codes to see the content. Later, the labels can be scanned with your mobile to see the content without opening the boxes. This comes handy especially when you’re moving houses, and you might not be exactly remembering what box contains what item. Of course, such an app won’t be complete with a reliable search feature. You can use Storesh’s search feature to quickly search an item (your music collection) and find out what box you’d placed it into. The app also allows users to create an online account, which comes handy to keep track of your items even if you don’t have your mobile phone handy. This comes useful when you’re in a different location, and want to inform your spouse where exactly you’d stored an item at home.

Storesh Android App Review

The UI is practical, but not flashy. The white background and dark grey text doesn’t win any points for its looks. The layout is user friendly. It provides a smooth way of adding in boxes, creating labels, and printing QR codes. Even a first time user won’t find it any difficult to operate the app. Performance wise, Storesh for Android is slick and responsive. There aren’t any lags or freezes either.


Storesh app for Android saves you lots of your time by avoiding the chance of misplacing expensive items. This comes especially handy while moving houses or simply to tuck away items safely that you might not be frequently using. The search feature is useful in finding specific items quickly. The design is ordinary. But here, the focus is on its functionality rather than the looks. To sum it up, a useful app for anyone who stores items out of sight, such as in cartons, storage lockers, and self-storage facilities.

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