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Story Planner For Writers iPhone App provide flexible features to write stories. The app is the best companion for all storytellers like writers, directors, screenwriters and producers. Story organization is quick and easy. It is perfect for fiction writing. It has an inbuilt outline for screenplays and novels. The app starts with a project. There is a sample story already installed and you just need to follow that. You may want to give your outline a good thought before actually starting with the novel full fledged, this app is for you.

Outline and Organize Your Stories Perfectly

Story Planner For Writers for iPhone is a beautiful and easy to use app that helps you draw an outline for your stories. It can be customized to fit your style of storytelling. You can give life to characters, scenes and locations for each of your projects. Each of it is represented in a tab where you can fill details. The character tab asks among other things the character’s outer and inner goal. The scene tab will break it into three acts. You can create how many ever projects you want.

Story Planner For Writers App for iPhone allows you to have multiple windows opened at the same time and you can edit multiple projects. Drag and drop scenes into its correct position. Character profiles, plot, locations can be presented with all details and add photos to have a complete picture. You can export these outlines into any app in formats like txt, rtf and pdf.


Story Planner For Writers iPhone App is a great tool that can vet out your stories. It supports text and images including HD images. The app is completely private and no one can see your project. The app easily and quickly backs up and restores notes. The app perfectly syncs across all devices and you can write stories wherever you are. It supports different languages like German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and English. The app costs just $4.99 to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app. The app requires iOS 11.0 and above. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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