Superimpose X Photo Editor iPhone App Review

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Superimpose X for iPhone is a sophisticated iPhone picture editing and photoshop app with a broad variety of editing features such as many layers, blending modes, masking, adjustment layers, brushes, smudge, warp, effects, clarity, and casting shadows. Whether you’re a pro or a novice, the power Superimpose X bestows on your fingers will astound you. It’s easier than ever to create photos using numerous layers, double exposure, and superimposing. You’ll notice five icons at the top of the screen when you start the Superimpose X app: Photos, Mask Lib, Colors, Paste, and Sessions. Each of these icons opens a new tab where you may choose whatever image you want to work on.

Rich Photo Editor With Layers

Your iPhone photo collection is shown under the Photos tab. These are the photos saved in the Photos app on your iPhone. From the bottom of the screen, choose an album and tap an image to open it. Your saved masks are preserved in the Mask Lib (mask library). You can preserve a mask when you cut off a section of a picture. You may then use that mask on another photo whenever you want. Create your own colourful backdrops using the Colors tab. Choose a single colour or a gradient that combines two hues. The coloured background can then be used to add one or more images. You’ll discover a picture you’ve copied from another app on your iPhone in the Paste tab.Any projects you’ve previously worked on in Superimpose are saved in the Sessions tab. By matching the colours of both photos, the Match Color tool enhances the blending process.

Superimpose X Photo Editor iPhone App Review

Work with creative tools and layers

The app includes features such as Text, Curved Text, Selective Blur, Motion, Zoom and Spin Blur, Lens Blur, Gradient, and more. Superimpose X includes a variety of iPhone effects and editing tools in addition to masks and layers. These may be used to improve your image and add some final touches to your project. If you’re already using the traditional Superimpose app, all of your masks will easily transition to the new Superimpose X. Switch to Recover mode to restore an area that you accidentally deleted. The previous project is immediately saved into the Sessions library whenever you start a new project in Superimpose. There’s also the option of exporting a PSD with layers, as well as access to over a million royalty-free stock pictures. The app is priced $4.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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