Sword of Xolan iPhone App Review

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iTunes got lots of retro games of various flavors. But what is difficult to find is one that makes you want to play the whole game without the urge to put it away. Sword of Xolan for iPhone is one such interesting action platformer game that includes the juice of pixel art style. You can get it Sword of Xolan game for $0.99.


Sword of Xolan iPhone game app provides a nice intro to the players. While booting up, you’ll be amazed by a short sequence of cutscenes telling the gist of the story. Complete with narration and dramatic music, the app makes sure that it creates a great first impression on the minds of its users. However, the cookie-cutter fantasy story sadly doesn’t really have too much appeal on its own. This is because Sword of Xolan app for iPhone is a platformer. While it makes sense to have a meaning to the story, it is not a necessity. In the game, you control the character – Xolan – by tapping buttons mapped out on your iPhone screen. It follows a more traditional approach for the controls, and users like us will certainly like it. Your left thumb will control the movements of Xolan while using your right thumb, you perform actions such as striking with the sword, jumping or hurling fireballs at objects and foes.

Sword of Xolan iPhone Game App

In each level, there are secret passages to be found, containing big chests of money or prisoners to be freed. You can use the money on special cards that gives your character upgrades like extra mana and the like. The old school graphics looks charming throughout. The music however is modern, and it works wonders to the game. The songs are mesmerizing and add to the fantasy feel of the game. Sword of Xolan for iPhone is reasonably stable and responsive. It requires iOS versions 6.0 or later.


Sword of Xolan app for iPhone is an amazing platformer that keeps you glued to the screen. With great features such as challenge mode (check it out!), a normal difficulty curve, and collectables to compete for, it provides the right mix of things that makes a game entertaining. The graphics, even if a throwback to the yesteryears, is charming, while the more modern music adds to the overall feel of the action unfolding on your phone screen. The game is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re a fan of role-playing hybrid games in general.

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