Swype Keyboard App for Android Review

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Swype Keyboard app for Android is quite useful application for people who love to text a lot, surf internet, do blogging and visit social networking websites. It provide ease to type and faster surfing, even it can take dictation on different languages by using dragon key feature. Swype Keyboard Android app can be downloaded by just paying $0.99 from Google Play Store.

Swype Keyboard Android App Features

Swype Keyboard app for Android is allows you to smoothly swipe your fingers over touch screen Android phones and tab. It has features like language detection, smart auto correction of word while typing, swipe over touch screen. It also updates user’s personal language support with words or phrases they use most often during networking and texting, Swype Keyboard also features personal dictionary backup and sync that can go with a user from one device to another. This app for Android smart phones and tablets provides a customizable four-in-one keyboard for enabling users to glide their finger from one letter to another to input text, or alternatively to tap, speak or handwrite symbol, numbers and letters, In fact by installing Swype Keyboard app you will feel enhanced surf & texting experience.

Swype Keyboard App for Android

Few things which can made this more user friendly like more language options can be added, it takes time to get used to Swype Keyboard app for a user specially for typing gestures and punctuation. The more familiar someone is with the QWERTY keyboard layout and the size of their device, the quicker they are likely to adapt for swiping. Overall this app deserves applaud for its features. This app (current version 1.5.6) can be downloaded just for $0.99 from Google Play Store and work over Android OS 2.2 & above version.


Swype Keyboard app for Android is one of the best smart phone applications available in Android market for keypad texting with ease, it allows you tap or swipe words, phrases, predict text, have different language options. Verdict: Though Swype is a paid app but it still worth it to shed out few bucks for this exclusive application or still stick to your old good tap typing.

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