Take Low Light Images using NightCap Camera for iPhone

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Taking low light images is something that is always considered to be a challenge, especially if you are taking photos with an iPhone. Now, taking snaps in low light has become quite easy with NightCap Camera app for iPhone. The app not only allows you to take amazing low light images, but also helps you to capture 4K videos and amazing time lapse videos.

Making Low Light Photography Easier

One of the best features of NightCap Camera app for iPhone is its AI, which is called Aidie. NightCap automatically sets the focus and the exposure for capturing the perfect low light images. You can also manually control the settings. Want to create motion blur images? Just set a long exposure time and see the magic! One of the biggest challenges of low light imagery is the ISO settings. NightCap Camera has an ISO boost feature which gives you 4 times higher ISO than any other app. It also has a light trail feature, which creates amazing images of moving light, creating an illusion of straight lines. This helps you to create amazing images of traffic and fireworks. If you are a fan of astrophotography, then this app is the best app for you as it has three modes dedicated for astrophotography. The app costs $1.99.

App Highlights

Advanced AI for automatic settings
ISO boost feature
4K video recording with night mode
Noise Reduction
8X zoom with camera-like smoothness
Camera modes for Northern/Southern Lights (Aurora), Meteors, International Space Station (ISS) and stars.


NightCap Camera for iPhone is recommended for those who like to capture nature in all its glory. The Aidie AI really makes things simpler as you don’t have to be an expert to choose the right settings. So, install the app and take amazing pictures without worrying about the light!

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