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Talk To Me is a free real time foreign language speech-to-speech translator app made for Android phones. It helps translate spoken English to 40 different foreign languages. Using the app is simple; choose the language you want the translation in before mouthing your phrase in English. Talk To Me Android app will readily give a voice translation of the phrase you’ve said in the language of your choice. Further, you could send the translated voice file via email or as SMS text messages to your friends. Apart from English, the app also offers text to speech support for many other languages, plus text-to-text translation for Asian and Arabic languages. The Talk To Me app for Android is downloadable for free of cost.

Talk To Me Android App Features

The user interface of the Android Talk To Me app is uncluttered and hence easy to use. There is a text box wherein you could type in your phrase, and the translated results will be displayed in another text box below. On top of the two text boxes is a dropdown menu, from which you choose the language to translate to. Further, above the dropdown menu is a green microphone icon. Tapping on the same will activate the voice recognition software, enabling the user to dictate the phrase in spoken English, instead of typing it.

As of now, the Talk To Me Android application only supports English dictation, with speech to text supported for Spanish, German, French, and Italian. Text to speech support is available for many other languages, with the exception of Asian and Arabic languages wherein only textual translation is available at present. Hopefully, the future versions of the app will incorporate text to voice support for Asian/Arabic languages as well.

In order to use the Talk To Me mobile application, you need to have an active internet connection as the app uses the Google Translate service. Further, you have to install the TTS or text-to-speech data if to take advantage of the app’s voice recognition software. Finally, the Talk To Me app runs only on Android OS 1.6 or higher.


If you travel often to foreign shores, or have a penchant for learning new languages, the Talk To Me app might be the one you would love to have in your Android handset. Not only it is easy to use, but also has been found to be craftier than the Google’s own voice to text feature. Above all, the Talk To Me Android app can be downloaded for free.

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