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Tasker is an incredible Android app that automatically performs tasks which you are supposed to perform. It actually acts like your personal assistant by understanding the nature of your phone and doing what you should have done on your smart phone. By holding a user rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, Tasker is hailed as one of the most flexible and powerful application to have come out in the Android market. The app costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Tasker app for Android let you create various automated tasks and profiles so that it frees you from actually performing them on your phone. Gesture controls, sleep options, profile changes and a lot more can be automated using this amazing application. For example, you need to turn on your hands-free mode when you enter your car or you need set your volume to a specific level once you start a media app or you need to turn off your mobile data once your Wi-Fi is on. For all these tasks and a lot other more, you can trust this app to do them all automatically. Since it has a variety of functions and features, it generally takes some time and practice to familiarize with them. The home screen is divided into four tabs namely Profile, Tasks, Scenes and Variables. Tap on the ‘+’ button at the bottom to add or create a new profile. After you have named your profile, you can choose between contexts like Application, Time, and Location.

Tasker Android App

Selecting any of them will give you further options to trigger a task. The tasks operate automatically if you are in that particular application, time, date, state, event or location. The ‘Tasks’ tab lets you view, modify or edit your created tasks. You can tap on each task and find a set of options to edit or add preferences according to your needs. No to the ‘Scenes’ tab, it helps you create some fine graphical user interfaces for your tasks. Suppose you need to create a dialogue box or pop up screen or a menu display to link up with any application or actions, you can now do it with this tab. You can also use the ‘Variables’ tab to store some information about a task or to change the outcome of an action and so on. There is a lot more about Tasker app that a few pages will not be enough to describe them all. You can keep on discovering more and more features as you go on using the app. You can also browse examples of different tasks and check for help options within the app by clicking the more button on top.


Tasker is your ultimate Android tools application to explore the world of automations for your phone. There isn’t another app which actually puts your phone’s functionality and features into full use. Download the app and watch your smart phone turn real ‘smart’.

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