TB List.Make Pro – Any Lists Android App Review

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TB List.Make Pro for Android is an intuitive list app that makes creating and using lists a breeze. So, whether it is your grocery lists, shopping lists, notes, or reminders, TB List.Pro has got you covered. You can download TB List.Make Pro app for $2.99 from Google Play Store.


Whether you are on the go, shopping at your local grocery store, shopping at the mall or planning to go to gym, you can use TB List.Make Pro to keep track of all items that need to be bought or checked. The big benefit is that it takes away the need to remember all the things you’re supposed to do or purchase. TB List.Make Pro for Android also a robust engine with built-in templates such as shopping mall list, grocery list, workout list and more. Built-in templates allow users to simplify their shopping process by managing list items just with a single tap. Further, the app allows you to create your own templates and store literally any types of list such as notes, tasks, to-do items, reminders as well as customized shopping mall list, grocery list, or your workout schedule. Of course, there are no ads, you’ll get free upgrades, and has an option for continuous data backup so you don’t lose your lists.

TB List.Make Pro Any Lists Android App Review

TB List.Make Pro Android app supports voice commands to help facilitate adding items onto lists. You can also share your lists via email or text, and change the theme colors at will. Another cool feature of TB List.Make Pro for Android is its compatibility with wearable devices. The app permits an unlimited number of records to be data synchronized for your list, Further, you can keep an offline copy of your list on your wearable device sans having to be constantly paired with your Android phone. The UI layout is user friendly. The lists are easy to create, read and edit. The app is also stable and responsive.


TB List.Make Pro for Android certainly makes life easier for you. It is easy to create and share lists, while customization options come handy. The themes are beautiful. The in-built templates make it incredibly easy to quickly create the type of list you might want. The app is also compatible with Android wearable. Check it out if you’re scouting for a robust and reliable list making app with an impressive feature set.

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