TDF Tracker iPhone App Review

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TDF Tracker for iPhone is a simple yet effective application for individuals who need to keep track of time, money, and distance. Consultants, attorneys, accountants, contractors, and independent designers are among the potential users, but anybody who needs a versatile tool for managing such stuff can use it. While you could buy one software as a billable time tracker, another as a mileage reimbursement log, and still another for reimbursable expenditure record keeping, TDF Tracker is the best solution if you want the simplicity of one unified application to genuinely save you time. We can add quick customer, project, and task (time) / type (cost) / purpose entries (mileage). The user-friendly design makes it simple to get started. Basic time monitoring by duration or sophisticated time tracking with start/end/break.

Time, Expens & Mileage Tracker

You can effortlessly track company costs and miles for reimbursement in this software, in addition to time. The simple reporting system allows you to deliver a bespoke day, week, or monthly report through HTML and/or CSV in a matter of seconds. Your database may be backed up and restored via Dropbox and Email. The comprehensive reports may be emailed to you in an Excel-compatible format. It extends the standard time entry technique by allowing for the recording of start, finish, and break times, which may then be included in reports. It supports a number of different currencies (Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen, etc.) Don’t forget to backup your data before upgrading TDF Tracker. iTunes allows you to back up your whole device. TDF Tracker also allows you to email a copy of your database by navigating to Settings –> Backup & Restore –> Email.

TDF Tracker iPhone App Review

Easy reporting system

TextExpander touch snippet expansion is supported. By pressing the “Edit” button in the upper right corner of the list search screen, items can be deleted from the list. This will take you to the list editor mode, where you may remove items by tapping on the red delete icon next to them. The item gets deleted from the list once you confirm that you wish to delete it. In reality, for certain entries, you may utilise the timer while manually entering the time for others. When you utilise the previous and next day arrows, TDF Tracker skips days with no entries. This makes it simple to check and alter the days on which you have time, but it creates a challenge if you wish to add time to a day in the past that does not yet have an entry. The app is priced $9.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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