Teach your child the alphabet with Kids ABC Letters App for Android

| February 26, 2011

One really great thing about the Android is that it seems to be the primary app where a lot of early childhood educational software development happens and because of that there are many great companies out there that have a lot of good things to offer. Kids ABC Letters app for Android sells for $3.99 at the moment and it comes from Intellijoy, a company that is definitely starting to build a reputation for very good material.

Learn to match back and forth

The main point of ABC Letters Android app is to give your child the ability to match the letters to the various elements that are necessary for learning the alphabet.

This starts with your child actually getting down to business and learning the names of all the letters. They will get assistance from the app in doing that and by the time they go from start to finish they should be able to get through the alphabet with no problems whatsoever.

The fun doesn’t stop there though and that is what makes Android Kids ABC Letters app such a special application to have. Once your child has gone ahead and learned the alphabet, they will start to learn the shapes of the letters as well as the ability to recognize letters and put them into their proper alphabetical order even when they have been scrambled. Contextual organization is very important because it illustrates a complete understanding of the alphabet and that is exactly what your children will receive by the time they have finished with this software package.

Final Score

When your child is done with Kids ABC Letters app for Android, they will know the alphabet inside and out. They will joyously be able to recite it and they will be able to do all kinds of really fun things with scrambling and unscrambling all of the different letter combinations. At that point, they will be good to graduate to actually being able to phonetically pronounce the sounds that letters make when they are in words and that is something that Kids ABC Letters Android app will prepare them for extremely well. To many parents this makes it worth the $3.99 cost and when everything has been said and done we have given this online Android app a final score of 9 out of 10.

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