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nPlayer iPhone App is a feature-rich media player app designed for iPhones and iPad users that offers a versatile and user-friendly media playback experience. The app supports a wide range of multimedia formats, making it a top choice for all who frequently uses various types of media content on their iOS devices. It can handle a vast array of video and audio formats, ensuring that you can enjoy your media library without worrying about compatibility issues. One of the key feature of the nPlayer iPhone App is its support for high-quality video and audio playback, providing a crisp and immersive viewing experience. With subtitle support and audio track selection, nPlayer offers a customizable media experience that caters to individual preferences.

nPlayer iPhone App offers a variety of subtitle and audio track options, allowing users to customize their viewing and listening experience. Users can easily adjust playback speed, aspect ratio, and other settings to suit their preferences, making it a versatile tool for personalizing the media playback experience. It has advanced features like a pop-up player, which allows users to multitask while watching their favorite content. This is especially handy for tasks like browsing the web or checking emails without interrupting video playback.

Key Features

  • Supports Chromecast
  • Supports Dolby audio codec
  • Supports 3D video mode
  • Supports in-app web browser
  • Supports multi-track audio
  • Supports multi-track subtitles

nPlayer App for iPhone provides strong support for video and audio synchronization, ensuring that subtitles and audio tracks stay perfectly aligned, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The iPhone app goes beyond a typical media player app by integrating file management capabilities, allowing users to organize and manage their media library directly within the app. It also offers various playback gestures, making it convenient to control playback, adjust volume, and navigate through videos with simple swipes and taps. Overall, nPlayer stands out as a top-notch media player app for iPhone users who seek a comprehensive solution for playing and managing their digital media content. What are you waiting for??? Hurry and download the app now!!!. The app is available in App store for just $4.99.

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