The Flag Bearer App for iPhone Review

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In The Flag Bearer for iPhone, you got to control the destiny of a cute little Viking who is out to conquer some land. You play as the unlikely hero Thor Weakrada in this adventurous tale through Norwegian valleys, the open sea and the dangerous foreign soil. On the way, you got to fend off attacking enemies, escape ice-mages and traps of various kinds. You can get The Flag Bearer game app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


In The Flag Bearer app for iPhone, you are presented with increasingly complex grid based levels wherein you got to plant a flag in every open square you visit and exit the level. The Viking automatically plants flags. So you only got to swipe in the direction you want the character to move. The game rules are simple. So there is no learning curve. All action is backed up by excellent graphics and sound track. The overall presentation is very impressive.

The Flag Bearer App for iPhone

Looks apart, it certainly suffers from some level of identity crisis. It fails to decide whether it is a fully fledged puzzle game or an action game. In essence, it feels like it is a bit of both. For example, the game controls like a puzzler wherein the enemies and player are limited to slow turn based movements on a grid. But there is nothing puzzling in it. You always know how to get to the end of each level. The challenge lies in dodging enemies and using power ups to vanquish them, as in an action game, and the variety comes from playing multiple levels spanning four different environments. Those who love speed action might not like The Flag Bearer. You at times feel like you’re playing it in slow motion. The app is stable and responsive. There aren’t any lags either.


The Flag Bearer iPhone game app has an interesting concept, but it is marred by poor implementation. It fails to identify itself as a true puzzler or an out and out action game. In reality, it is a bit of both. As a result, it fails to capture the true essence of either genre. The graphics and background music are topnotch. The levels are progressively challenging. The pace of game play is disappointing though. To sum it up, an action game – puzzler hybrid that falls well short of expectations.

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