The Nerd Rage

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The Nerd Rage is brought to you by VNL Entertainment Inc. It is an action role playing game that offers you the chance to control an angry nerd taking it out on the school bullies. It is basically an action game for all the players out there who are into modern actions games that contain a lot of fighting and weapons.  In this game the main character, the Nerd will be on a task to fight all kinds of school bullies. You will be able to take revenge by stealing their lunch cash and of course you will do so with the help of different armors & weapons.

This game will let you fight bullies and to finish more than fifty quests. You will come across a wide variety of weapons and gadgets to help you in your fight against the school bullies. You will manage these weapons and armors in a very simple inventory system. You can finish off your enemies with thirty different moves. It also has one of the best simulations for the characters to encourage you to beat them up. This is not all, as the game is constantly getting updates and more quests, moves and weapons are being added with each update.

It has one disadvantage is that a lot of people complain that the game freezes as soon as it is opened. The solution for that problem is to restart your mobile and free up memory for the game then try again.


Overall rating is 4/5, mainly because of the freezing problem.

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