Threes! Puzzle Video Game Android App Review

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Threes! for Android is a puzzle video game developed by Sirvo, an independent development company led by Asher Vollmer, a game designer. In Threes! game app the player combines addends and multiples of three by sliding numbered tiles across a grid. When there are no more movements on the grid, the game is over, and the tiles are totaled for a final score. The fundamental game was prototyped in a single night, but the team spent more than half a year iterating on it using graphic themes like sushi and chess. The team reverted to the game’s fundamental concepts and numbers theme towards the end of the 14-month development process.

Play with numbers

To combine addends and multiples of three, the player moves numbered tiles on a four-by-four grid. Ones and twos, for example, combine to form a single “three” tile, two threes combine to form “six,” and two sixes combine to form “12.” Swiping the screen up, down, left, or right moves all of the tiles one square on the grid in that direction (if feasible) and adds a new tile in the same direction. Onscreen, the colour of the approaching tile is shown. By moving the grid without letting go, players can preview movements. Each type of number tile has its own personality, and when we first open the game, we’ll be greeted with a screen full of confetti. Threes! games usually take several minutes and conclude when there are no more movements on the grid (usually when gridlocked with a single high number tile and many low number tiles). There is no “game over” screen when a game is completed, rather participants are given a final score depending on the rarity of the tiles.

Threes Puzzle Video Game Android App Review

Best Puzzle game

The goal of Threes! Puzzle Video Game for Android is to get the highest possible score. Players may evaluate their scores and create Game Center challenges outside of the game. There are 12 different types of number tiles in the game, with values ranging from 3 to 6,144. When two 6,144 tiles are joined, a 13th character is unlocked; this character is denoted by a triangle rather than the number 12,288. It’s a matching game that doesn’t use comical pictures, and it’s a math game that doesn’t involve a lot of computations. The game, on the other hand, has enough buried depth to keep us coming back to it. The app is priced $0.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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