Timestamp Camera Pro Android App Review

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Timestamp Camera Pro for Android lets you add timestamp for new videos. The app has timestamps in several different format. Timestamp is a unique way to differentiate videos and photos. Other than file names, timestamp enables you to give a short story of the scene in the video. It may be just the location detail, date and the event but such things will help you remember the occasion for ever. The different timestamp format in the app will let you add time accurate to milliseconds. You can record video or capture photos with accurate timestamps which can be placed at any different position, font size and colors.

Timestamp Your Videos And Photos Accurately

Timestamp Camera for Android is a simple and easy use camera app with timestamps. The app supports over 61 different timestamp formats with varied font size, color and font. You can add the timestamp in 7 different positions namely, center, bottom right, bottom center, top left, top right, top center, and bottom left. The app also lets you add GPS, location address, speed and altitude. You can type custom text with emojis. The app allows you to customize timestamps in different ways, you can change the transparency and scale. The video can be recorded without or with audio. The shutter sound can be turned off. The app lets you add time effects while you shoot the video or photo. It lets you capture images while recording video.

Timestamp Camera Pro Android App Review


Timestamp Camera for Android is easy to handle and setup. It is the best way to add amazing timestamps to your videos. Those who are working on a huge video or photoshoot projects, the app gives them features to document important details very well. You can even add the street address of the location of the shoot. It saves you from a lot of hassles later on when you take stock of things. The app works perfectly better than any higher ranked app. The app costs $5.50 to download from Play Store. The app requires Android 4.3 and up.

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