Tiny Builders – Seek and Find Android App Review

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Just the way you must have planned a great future for your kids, you should also keep in mind that your kids also need to enjoy them and have access to fun games to keep their spirits refreshed. Since, Google Play Store always had something interesting for kids, you can expect some real fun packed in within this game called Tiny Builders – Seek and Find. Aimed for children aged 2 to 6, this unconventional building game makes brain gym all the more interesting and exciting or toddlers. Let us take a quick look at its various features. Tiny Builders for Android is priced $2.99 in Google Play.


So, what does Tiny Builders – Seek and Find app for Android offer? The game presents a construction site, where you will have to work with the crane, the bull dozer, the digger, the tunnel drill and the wheel loader. There are several other machines that you will need to control by simply using your finger. Kids also find it exciting to customize the look and style of little builders to make them look like themselves! So, how much material does the game really pack in? It has got 50 interactive stories and 12 construction machines for children to discover and play with. The various other exciting stuff that kids can attempt include building their own apartments and buildings with the help of a crane, excavating pits using the digger, load-unload trucks and make new roads. Besides, kids can also try painting the houses using their favourite colours, drill a tunnel through a large mountain and use the water drill to look for water! So much included within such a small frame of an app, is indeed a wonder.

Tiny Builders Seek and Find Android Game App

The style box is something that young girls will enjoy doing. Giving striped or checked shirts or colourful and crazy hairstyles, can be the best pastime that your kids will find themselves hooked to. With more than 65,000 variations in machines and builders available, you can change the look of all the animated items and characters as per your mood! For kids you like to do something a little more challenging, several little stories are waiting to be discovered. So, help your architect read the plan, or help the crane operator deal with the disturbing bird or simply switch on the radio to catch a glimpse of the funny dance by the builders! In other words, there are more things to do in this game, than the number of breaths you take in a day!


Parents have loved, downloaded and encouraged Tiny Builders app for Android so much, that it is becoming popular with every passing day. More and more people are expressing interest in this fun and super intelligent game that keeps children on their feet! Though Tiny Builders app is not free, the price you are asked to pay, is bit worth the game’s potentials.

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