Toca Pet Doctor App – Best Kids Educational Game

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Toca Pet Doctor App – Best Kids Educational Game teaches kids how to take care of animals. It is a fun and educational app that is filled with pets kids will love to play with. There are sick pets who needs your attention. You need to make them feel much better, give them treat and also make quirky artworks with your pets. The app teaches your kids to show empathy and care. As they tend to these pet animals, they learn to love and help people. An innovative way to introduce animals to kids and they get to learn a whole lot of things about them.

Learn To Tend And Care For Pets With Toca Pet Doctor

Toca Pet Doctor App – Best Kids Educational Game is an inquisitive, intuitive and beautiful app with a kid friendly and safe design that helps your kids keep animals as friends. The app is just not only for kids but also for those who love to play and care for kids. There are 15 charming and lively animals in the app. They are sick and you need to give your love, attention and care for them.

Once they are cured, they will go back to sleep, you need to wake them up and play with them. There are tummy vegetables, seeds and flies to feed them. There are no rules and conditions. You get to create beautiful artworks with fun sounds.


Toca Pet Doctor App – Best Kids Educational Game is an innovative app that helps kids keep pets in the digital world. It is world kids will fall in love with immediately. With enough animals to tend to, kids will have a good time hooked on to the app. Every pet has a name and kids will be able to have a bond immediately with it. The app can be used by kids aged four years and above. The app is available English, European and Asian languages. The app costs just $3.99 to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app. The app requires iOS 9.2 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod.

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