Top 5 Fitness Android Apps

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There are numerous fitness apps available for Android devices that cater to different fitness goals and preferences. Here are five top-rated fitness apps for Android:

MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter app for Android
MyFitnessPal is a popular fitness app that helps you track your nutrition and exercise. It features a vast food database, allowing you to log your meals and monitor your calorie intake. The app also offers workout tracking, goal setting, and progress monitoring tools. MyFitnessPal isn’t another restrictive diet app. This is a health app to help you learn about your habits and conquer your health goals. The app allows you to download and start your free 30-day Premium trial before you buy it.

Nike Training Club: Fitness Android App
Nike Training Club is a comprehensive fitness app that provides a wide range of workouts designed by professional trainers. The app offers various workout plans and video tutorials for different fitness levels and goals. It also includes features like personalized training recommendations and progress tracking. Home fitness and healthy habit building tips await. Achieve your goals with NTC today.

Strava: Run, Ride, Hike App
Strava is a popular app for tracking and analyzing your outdoor activities, such as running, cycling, and swimming. It uses GPS to record your routes, distance, speed, and elevation. Strava also allows you to join challenges, compete with friends, and share your achievements. Strava makes fitness tracking social. The app allows you to record everything, train smarter, sync your favorite apps and devices, and also build a support network. In-app purchases ranges from $2.99 – $79.99 per item.


Seven – 7 Minute Workout Android App
Seven is a time-efficient workout app that guides you through quick, high-intensity workouts. The app offers 7-minute workouts that require no special equipment and can be done anywhere. It also provides personalized workout plans and allows you to track your progress. Over 3 million users love 7 minute workout. The app claims to be scientifically proven to assist weight loss and improve cardiovascular function.

Google Fit: Activity Tracking App
Google Fit is an all-in-one fitness app that tracks your physical activity, records your workouts, and monitors your heart rate. It integrates with various fitness devices and apps, providing a comprehensive overview of your fitness data. Google Fit also offers personalized coaching and goal tracking features. Get to a healthier and more active life with the new Google Fit!

These are just a few examples of the many fitness apps available on the Android platform. The best app for you may depend on your specific fitness goals, preferences, and tracking needs. It’s recommended to explore and try out different apps to find the one that suits you best.

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