Tower Math iPhone App Review

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Tower Math for iPhone is an educational game which puts children’s math abilities to the test as they construct towers and seek to liberate the numbers that the evil wizard has transformed into monsters. Kids must answer arithmetic problems rapidly in order to release a group of numbers who have been transformed into monsters. Before they reach the end of the road, they must save all of the numbers. The game supports up to five player profiles, has three difficulty levels, and becomes increasingly tough with each unlocked level.

Improve Math Skills

Tower Math game for iPhone become much hard as the youngsters play it. Kids that want to continue solving simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems may be able to do so while still finishing the stages successfully at first. However, limiting the types of issues they complete to a lower level of complexity will prevent them from winning gold medals. Instead, they’ll want to build larger buildings, which necessitates solving much tougher issues, in order to win gold medals and return the monsters to numbers faster. The built-in doodle pad also allows students to write out problems so that they don’t have to solve them fully in their minds. Many children will be so engrossed in the game that they will forget that they are also learning their arithmetic abilities. Kids become so engrossed in swiftly erecting buildings and changing monsters that they don’t have time to be frightened by the more complex arithmetic problems they meet along the way. Kids will be kept interested while playing by the opportunity to win badges and customize their characters.

Tower Math iPhone App Review

The game begins with a quick tutorial to familiarize youngsters with the screen and the job they must perform. This is advantageous since the game advances quickly once they begin. In fact, youngsters will be so engrossed in the game that they may not realize they can access more developer applications by merely holding down their icons for three seconds, or that they can reach the info screen, which lets them to modify the game’s quality and switch on or off the sound.

Child friendly and Informative gaming experience

The most valuable aspect of Tower Math fast-paced game is that it has four distinct levels of difficulty for four different mathematical operations, although it’s ideal for practicing fundamental match facts. Kids don’t have much time to complete arithmetic, and the scratch pad is inconvenient. Children are given two opportunities to get an answer right and are not given any feedback or assistance. This game, however, may be useful for individuals who need to practice fundamental arithmetic abilities or prepare for timed examinations. Families may discuss how their children can utilize Tower Arithmetic to improve their math abilities. The app costs $1.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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