Tri-Strip App for Android Review

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Tri-Strip app for Android is a retro style single player puzzle game for puzzle lovers. Developers had put in a 90 style retro spin to the game, which makes it more interesting. You can get Tri-Strip for $0.99 from Google Play Store. The app is also available in a stripped down free version.


With Tri-Strip app for Android, your aim is to drop triangle tiles onto the grid to create diamond or square shapes. Even though the basic concept rings simple, don’t assume that the real challenge is simple as well. It could get extremely difficult. As the tiles are arranged in groups, that makes fitting them onto the grid very challenging. Your score multiplies by however many quads you can create in a single move. Tri-Strip for Android is a brain scratching puzzler. You have five levels to test your mettle. The super hardcode mode is the ultimate test. The game play is balanced. Every game mode now has a timer that counts down, but counts upwards when you score. That is, games now last longer the better you play.

Tri-Strip App for Android

The UI of Tri-Strip Android puzzle game has become a lot more user friendly than before. Now there are more explanatory screens and everything is topped by an options menu. To not make the puzzle monotonous, Tri-Strip app developers has also thrown in multiple backgrounds and at least three alternate sound tracks. You also have six alternate color themes to choose from. Tri-Strip is also thoughtful about user’s preferences. Not all people are right-handers and Tri-Strip seems to understand that. The app comes with a left-hand mode that suits natural lefties. Performance wise, Tri-Strip app is stable and responsive. While testing, there weren’t any lags or crashes either. The app is compatible with Android OS versions 2.3 and up.


Tri-Strip puzzle app for Android is a retro style puzzle game built on a simple concept. However, the puzzles are challenging to say the least. It has five levels to test your endurance. The puzzler also has this unique way of counting upwards when you score. The better you play, the longer the game lasts. The app is stable and responsive for most parts. Left hand mode is a notable Tri-Strip feature. Customizable colors and backgrounds help in killing monotony of appearance to an extent. To sum it up, a challenging puzzler that is worth checking out. Those who do not want to pay upfront may try its free version first.

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