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Cellity has been a great app for Blackberry for a relatively long time. However, with their recent sale to Nokia, it is difficult to say for certain whether this app will continue in the exact same format. However, Nokia has acquired other independent apps before and those apps were always revamped to be better than they were at the time. If the same thing happens with Cellity Blackberry App, people will certainly have cause to celebrate a great app becoming even better.

Synchronize your contacts

If there is one thing that the Cellity service has really made better it would have to be the idea of synchronizing your address book and other contact lists. The main reason for this is that people have all kinds of different contact lists for telephone, e-mail, instant messaging and social networking, but Cellity gives you the chance to actually put it all together.

You can take contact information from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, America On Line, Microsoft Outlook and synchronize them all using your Blackberry Cellity app service. It is a new kind of address book that understands how to read the different contact lists and combine information about the same contact from different sources. It really is a great feature and definitely the one that has given Cellity such charmed status over the years.

Integrate other services

After you’re done with the address book, Cellity app for BlackBerry will give you the chance to take other services and integrate those services into your overall presentation. These services include things like e-mail on a mobile device, backing up of files on your Blackberry, calling conference and of course calling internationally for a low price while at the same time gaining SMS functionality for free. All of these services were either installed, upgraded or on the docket for Cellity when it was acquired by Nokia and as a result only time will tell whether these services will continue to get better.

Final Score

At the moment, Cellity app for Blackberry is in a bit of limbo. Like other apps that were acquired by Nokia, support for the app continues from the main app page but services are not offered from that same location anymore. It is up to Nokia what they are going to do with the app, but as it is right now Cellity Blackberry app is a good app deserving of a final score of 8 out of 10.

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