Twilight Pro Unlock Android App Review

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Twilight Pro Unlock for Android is more or less a unique or uncommon app with some exceptional functions. The application is aimed at the people who are addicted to their smart phones and goes to the extent of having sleep deprivation or insomnia. As the maker’s claim, some studies have indeed proven the fact that the light coming from the mobile phones does affect the hormones causing sleep. Therefore, for some, Twilight Pro Unlock turns out to be a health app that saves them from falling into sleep-illness, while for others the app can really help in adjusting the contrasts, colors, intensity etc of the mobile light and make them best suited for the human eye, especially during night. Being a pro version, the application costs a bit of money, but just below $0.99, in the Google Play Store.


The prime purpose of Twilight Pro Unlock Android app is to filter out and dim the blue light emitting from your mobile screens thereby replacing it with a reddish tint throughout. The reason being said that, the more the blue light or more the brightness, the less chance you have to fall asleep. The band of bright blue light may reduce the production of a hormone called Melanopsin which is responsible for your healthy sleep habits. Twilight is designed to control such intense light effects and gradually put you into sleep, when night comes. For beginners or for those who are not so familiar with the way the app works, there is a preview button and a ‘how it works’ section that actually explains the purpose and procedures of the app.

Twilight Pro Unlock for Android has a definite purpose, but it more or less works on its own. Once installed, it automatically detects your location and starts working in the background. Twilight discovers your time zones, sunrise-sunset timings and adapts itself to adjust the red tint in your phone gradually when evening or night occurs. There are also a number of manual controls and adjustments provided to set some custom timings or to adjust your sleep timings personally, but it is the automatic settings that would be best suited, for the app and the users alike.


Prolonged usage of mobile phones and mobile lights can surely cause some harm to the human eye and therefore an app like Twilight Pro is sure to reduce such ill effects to a great extent. Recommended for all those who have had or is having problems with their eyes or problems sleeping while being engrossed on your mini screens!

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