Twinme+ Private Secure Messenger Android App Review

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Twinme+ Private Secure Messenger for Android  is a premium version of twinme, a secure instant messaging and High-Definition voice/video call programme that protects users’ privacy by design and gives them complete control over their relationships and shared material. In addition to all of twinme’s features and services, “Spaces” allow us to arrange our profiles, relationships, chats, alerts, appearance, and settings according to the social groups with whom we connect. Different Spaces may be utilised to engage with family, friends, coworkers, sports teammates, and so on. Twinme therefore preserves people’s connections networks and interactions graphs, which is unheard of among today’s messaging platforms, even among the most “secure.”

Instant Messaging & High-Definition Voice/Video Call App

Furthermore, all end-to-end encrypted transactions take place directly between devices, with no distribution server in the middle. There can be no content traces in the cloud. “You” form one-of-a-kind twinme relationships with people we know or meet via other methods. None of our twinme relationships may be shared or utilised by anybody else. Each end has complete control over them. They may be cancelled and communications deleted on both sides at the same time, ensuring that critical transactions are completely undetectable. Messages that vanish after a set amount of time on both ends “Option to lock/unlock” the application using our device’s biometric or pin locking services If we already have twinme installed on our smartphone, our account will be instantly moved to twinme+, along with all of our data (contacts, chats, etc.). We may then remove twinme.

Twinme Private Secure Messenger Android App

Great features and interface

If we have several profiles created in twinme, each one will be assigned to a distinct Space. After that, we may transfer contacts to our preferred Space. Twinme connects to the Internet via our device’s Internet connection (WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE as available). Organizations who want to run a private communication service for their own community can licence twinme Twinme voice and video conversations use the most up-to-date real-time multimedia protocols and codecs that adapt to device settings and changing network circumstances to deliver the best voice and video definition available today. twinme combines its unique twincode relationships model with WebRTC open source technology (the new standard for secure real-time peer-to-peer multimedia interactions on the web) to deliver the most disruptive communications services. The app costs $4.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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