UberTwitter BlackBerry App Review

| January 22, 2010

UberTwitter – The Most Popular Twitter Client for BlackBerry

UberTwitter Blackberry app is probably one of the best fully featured Twitter applications you can get for your BlackBerry. The mobile application is absolutely free. Simply download it on to your BlackBerry and start tweeting.

UberTwitter app for BlackBerry will provide you all the Twitter functions including all the advanced capabilities such as photo integration, tweet shrinking, embedded videos in tweets, and URL shortening. UberTwitter, a beta software, offers feedback menu feature which allows you to request new features and report problems.

With UberTwitter Blackberry app, you have the option to use the built-in GPS if it’s available. It gets kudos for taking photos and videos from within the app. Also, it features standard URL-shrinking option. With out leaving the application, you can view trends, e-mail tweets, and see others’ tweeted images. UberTwitter supports most of the features you’ll find in desktop clients like Twhirl and Tweetdeck.


Features of UberTwitter Blackberry App

•    Manage multiple Twitter accounts.
•    Can upload pictures to a website serving ÜberTwitter users.
•    Send videos embedded in your tweet
•    Allows you to see everyone who is tweeting near you
•    Excellent user interface
•    View your list of followers and all of their details.
•    View another users list of friends/followers and all of their details
•    Allows you to view when a user joined twitter.
•    Provides free-form search screen, permitting users access to the full power of Twitter Search.
•    Easy to use.
•    TweetPhoto.com Support – TweetPhoto is now the default photo sharing service.
•    Separate views for replies/retweets and direct messages.
•    Automatically update your location to every tweet.
•    Integrated options to control the number of avatar images cached
•    Provides a wide range of shortcut keys.
•    Support for a number of the microblogging service’s major new features.
•    More timeline options.
•    Interactive notifications of new direct messages,
•    View tweets you have marked as favorites.
•    Support for ScrollWheel devices.
•    Integrated reply all shortcut when viewing a tweet.
•    Ability to update your Google Talk status with your last tweet, making your tweets reach a wider audience.
•    Speed – UberTwitter is much faster than TwitterBerry.
•    View other users’ favorites


UberTwitter app for BlackBerry is amazing and features everything you expect from a Twitter client. Still there is room for growth and change.

Rating – Excellent

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