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The screen real estate of iPhone (for that matter any smartphone) is very much limited. So when you view something on a mobile browser, the more browser space you have to view the contents, the better will be your reading experience. Unobstruct app for iPhone does that exactly by not letting floating social media sharing toolbars and the like get in your way. You can download it for $0.99.

What is it about?

Unobstruct app for iPhone features a content blocker for Safari that will remove these bars automatically from some popular web pages. You just go into Safari’s settings and enable it under Content Blockers. It might not work exactly like this with some websites. If a page still has floating bars covering it, which aren’t removed by Unobstruct app’s content blocker, you can hide these on demand. You can do so by tapping the Unobstruct Page item in the Action button in Safari’s toolbar. This can be enabled under the ‘More’ icon. At some point in time, if you need to get these hidden bars back, simply reload the web page. Alternatively, you can long-press reload to load the page with content blockers disabled if you want them all.

If to cite few examples, auto-blocking is available for Medium, TechCrunch, The Verge, Recode, and Vox and Vox run sites, to name few of them. You can view the entire list of sites under settings. Partial bar blocking is available on Mashable and Wired. On these partial blocked sites, the top bar remains since removing it would make the site fail to function fully. But you can use the Unobstruct Page action to remove it. The UI design is largely user friendly. Managing the settings is a straightforward process. The app is also stable. Unobstruct app requires iOS versions 10.0 or later.

Final Take

Unobstruct app helps you to use the maximum available usable space of a Safari browser in your iPhone. Your job is just about to enable said feature from the settings page. If the page still has floating bars, you can hide them on demand. The process of getting back the hidden bars is also equally simple. Setting up the app is easy enough. The app is perfectly stable that it does not affect your browser experience either. Check it out if you think that the floating social media sharing toolbars are an annoyance at times.

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