Waggle Words Game for iPhone Review

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Check Waggle Words for iPhone out if you are a fan of word games. It is a strategic word search game set inside a beehive. You got to seek and select words with the goal of clearing the board. The game may be downloaded for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.

The Game

Waggle Words for iPhone is one of the gorgeous word games you’ll ever find in iTunes. The 2D rendering is beautiful to say the least. During transition animations, the letters literally pop off of their tiles and fly around on the screen, giving it a pseudo-3D effect that is fun to watch. The playing grids that are arranged like a honeycomb gives it a unique feel. As you spell the words, there is a random chance that you may get power ups depending upon how good the word was. One notable power up is the Swarm that reshuffles the board so that you will get a fresh start with the remaining letters. The game got three modes: Casual, Daily, and Speed. The first two modes require you to clear the board, while Speed is to see how many words you can spell in a minute and a half. Players can also toggle the AR mode on, wherein you can use your camera and set the background of your game. But AR mode is available only for devices with A9 chips (or higher generation ones) running iOS 11 (or higher) that support ARKit.

In the game, as you spell words, the last letter becomes the Waggle Piece. If you can use this letter in the beginning of your next word, you’ll increase the multiplier. That way, you should attempt to create chains and score higher. There’s a glowing outline on the “Waggle Piece” to differentiate it from the rest. The associated light and particle effects are mesmerizing to watch. The sepia color theme also looks nice. Waggle Words app requires iOS versions 11.0 or higher.

Final Take

Waggle Words game for iPhone is a beautifully made word game that is both fun and challenging. Its 2D graphics that gives a pseudo-3D effect is great to watch. The honeycomb like playing grids looks nice as well. You can choose the game modes depending upon your preference. There is also a downloadable, unique game of the day, in case you want something more than the available levels. Game center integration comes handy to the competition minded. Performance wise, the game is stable and responsive. Overall, a well-made word game with AR feature.

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