WakeUp PRO App for Android Review

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Android let you create lots of features that otherwise might not be available in the stock Android release. What about a utility that automatically turns your phone screen on as soon as you pick it up from your desk? Well, WakeUp PRO app is made for just that. You can get it for $2.72.


WakeUp PRO app for Android switches on your phone as soon as you pick it up from your table. The app relies on your phone’s tilt sensors to detect your action. The app is unobtrusive as well. Once you install WakeUp PRO for Android, launch it from your app drawer and enable it as your device administrator. You have now two ways to use the app. One, you can add the widget to your home screen and tap on it to turn off your device screen. Second, you can go for automatic monitoring. With the latter, the app automatically switches the screen on/off without the user pressing any button. In fact, if you choose the second option, there is no need to have the widget in the home screen either.

WakeUp PRO for Android

If you choose the second option, once the screen turns off, simply tilt it towards your face and screen comes back to life. If you are using a lock screen, and though of not proceeding to the home screen, placing the phone in a horizontal position will automatically turns off the screen.
Users can configure app’s settings for screen on/off feedback, monitoring time, widget vibration, tilt sensitivity, automatic monitoring and start at boot function to suit their requirements. Performance wise, WakeUp PRO is pretty stable and responsive. There aren’t any annoying lags either. However, since the app runs in the background, it could drain your phone battery significantly. Also lacking is an option to hide the notification icon. WakeUp PRO is also available in a free version.


WakeUp PRO for Android is for you if you think manually switching your Android phone on/off switch is a hassle. The app turns on your phone screen as soon as you pick it up from your table/desk. It is pretty easy to set up the app. Since the app runs in the background, it might take a toll on your battery life though. To sum it up, a handy app that let you activate the screen without using the power button. If you don’t wish to pay upfront, you can check out the app’s free version first.

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