Whiteboard Pro App for iPhone Review

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Whiteboard Pro app for iPhone let you collaborate with your friends and peers over Bluetooth. Basically the app allows you to easily sketch pictures and ideas and share them. Whiteboard Pro iPhone app may be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Whiteboard Pro App Features

Whiteboard Pro for iPhone is a handy time wasting tool, if you got plenty of time in your hands, like when waiting in the airport lounge or traveling in the tube. Using the app, you can make funny doodles, and you can collaborate with other Whiteboard Pro users via Bluetooth. The app automatically connects to other Whiteboard Pro users in the vicinity using Bluetooth technology. Once the connection is established, you can collaborate to draw/sketch creative art or a business idea during a meeting.

Whiteboard Pro App for iPhone

Whiteboard Pro iPhone app got a very simple user interface. The marker tool is quite sensitive to touch. Use it like the real marker; move slowly and the saturation will be more than when you do it quickly. The images and text you create using the app can be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or be saved to the photo album.

One apparent downside of the app is that the eraser tool is not so user friendly. It is almost the same size as the tip of marker tool. Unless you choose to send the whole picture to the trash, it will take forever to erase something. On the positive side, the Whiteboard Pro for iPhone stays open until you shut it down. So even if you have the iPhone set to turn its screen off after few seconds, the app stays open. This is just perfect for extended meetings wherein you might not want to tap repeatedly on your iPhone screen to keep it from going blank. Whiteboard Pro is compatible with iOS versions 3.0 or higher.


The biggest selling point of Whiteboard Pro app for iPhone is its simplicity. Even those who are not so tech-savvy won’t have any trouble collaborating using the app. Multiple sharing options come handy. The app requires user shut down means your iPhone screen won’t go black even if there is a screen-off timer running behind scene. A free version of Whiteboard Pro (termed Whiteboard Free) with limited features is also available.

Verdict: A fun app to assist you in your brainstorming sessions/meetings or just to kill time.

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