WolframAlpha Android App Review

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The Smartphone has done mammoth of tasks in the contemporary time. WolframAlpha, developed by Wolfram Group is a gem penetrated in the list of books and reference categories to underpin the nascent need of users looking for a computational knowledge engine. With more than five hundred thousand installations, WolframAlpha app for Android has fetched an impressive rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. Basically, it’s a repository to garner expert-level knowledge in real time.

A Myriad of Domain Knowledge at Your Fingertips

The user interface of WolframAlpha Android app is simple and easy to navigate. Once after successful installation, the launch of the app lets a user to input specific and factual questions in a search field; aesthetically placed at the top right of the screen. It is a self-described computational knowledge engine; unlike a traditional one, it doesn’t search the web for results, but relies on its own curated knowledge base, compiled from specific data repositories. To the left of the search window is a field with multiple tabs as examples, history and favorites to name a few. Examples are a good place to begin, as it gives a user a better experience for the sort of inquiry it accepts.

WolframAlpha Android App Review

The domain knowledge of WolframAlpha app for Android is exemplary, whether its matrices, general aptitude, number theory, calculus or trigonometry in mathematics; regression and probability along with descriptive statistics in the field of data analysis. Besides this, it provides an extensive knowledge base for domains like physics, chemistry, materials, life sciences, socio-economic data, health & medicine, education and engineering. The app requires Android version 2.1 or higher and compatible with both smartphone and tablets. It costs $2.99 to experience all the above-mentioned features without any hassle.

Ancillary utility features to serve all your needs

WolframAlpha Android app provides numerous utility functions such as dates & time conversion, weather forecast details, units & measures conversion, dictionary lookup to name a few. Parts of WolframAlpha are used in the Apple Siri Assistant; clearly signifies its reliability and durability in computational science. Besides this, it provides search results related to people & history for a country along with the elevation data, cities, navigation, projections and many more facts. It is not a conventional search engine to replace Google or Bing with it. If you have any use of computational software or data for analysis, it’s worth trying out.

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