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Life is full of memories, both big and small. The thing about life is you might have a moment today that gives you immense happiness now, but after sometimes, you might completely forget about it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could store all those beautiful memories in one place? Such memories often comfort and solace to you in the moments of need and hence, finding a place to keep those memories would really help you make your life a better place. Now, thanks to technology, there is an iPhone app that helps you collect and preserve those memories, large or small. The app Wonderful Days – Diary with Style for iPhone can be downloaded from iTunes for $2.99.


There was a time when people used to keep journals to store their memories. However, nowadays it has become real hard to carry journal all the time with you. However, with the Wonderful Days app for iPhone, you can store your memories whenever you want to. This convenience is perhaps the biggest feature of this lifestyle application. Wonderful Days for iPhone is basically a journal app which allows you to store your memories as text and photos. You can also make your memories more beautiful by adding images anywhere within the image. If you are a traveller, then you can geo tag your memories and view them on a map. This would surely help to make your journey more memorable.


Wonderful Days – Diary with Style app also has a number of fonts from which you can choose and you can also set the background from a range of themes. You can also rate your own entries on a scale of one to five stars. Now, some memories can be private and you don’t want to share with everyone. This app would help you to password protect such memories, so that only you and only some close ones you allow can view those memories. You can also export those memories as PDF, share them via Email or get them printed via AirPrint. The app also supports three different viewing modes –Preview, List and Photo. All these features make the Wonderful Days app one of the best journal apps on the iTunes store.


If you want to store your memories, both large and small, then Wonderful Days app for iPhone is just the right app for you. This particular journal app would help you store all your memories in one place and view them whenever you want to. The app allows you to dozen different things and that makes it one of the most feature rich journal apps out there. The app works without any snag so you wouldn’t face any issues whatsoever. The app has a real simple interface that makes it easy to use. If you want to get the place to store all your memories in text, images and more, then the Wonderful Days app is the best bet for you. So, get the Wonderful Days app for your iPhone and store all your memories for lifetime.

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