WoodMaster iPhone App Review

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WoodMaster for iPhone was created with the assistance of a group of professional and amateur woodworkers. It’s a fantastic tool for woodworkers because it comes with a plethora of helpful tools. WoodMaster saves you time and energy whether you are a beginner, advanced, or experienced woodworker. It’s a collection of a dozen utilities in one app. It includes a Woodworking Shelf Calculator, Fraction Calculator (both numeric and sideline versions), Decking Calculator, Length Conversions, Golden Ratio, Proportional Calculator, Fraction to Decimal & Millimeter Converter, Golden Ratio, Proportional Calculator, Fraction to Decimal & Millimeter Converter, and Fraction to Decimal & Millimeter Converter.

Great features for woodworkers

A Tally count and Tally cost are included in this board foot calculator. You might input different sizes of wood stock in groups using the Tally function. Tally may simply be used to estimate the cost of a whole woodworking job. The Woodworking Shelf Calculator appropriately distributes the distance between the shelves. Supports inches or millimetres and allows you to pinpoint the precise location of each tier. The Decking Calculator determines how many deck boards are needed for a specific deck segment. Support for up to three deck portions is possible. Fraction Calculator (Sliderule version) is a fun way to add and subtract fractions without having to type anything in. The Numeric Fraction Calculator adds fractions that include whole numbers. Workbench designs for a fast knock-down Workbench made from a single 4×8 piece of plywood. Wood Sorts is a hand-drawn visual reference for many types of wood.

WoodMaster iPhone App Review

Handy Tool for Woodworkers

Convert fractions to decimals and millimetres. The most common conversions in woodworking are length conversions. The Proportional Calculator may be used to convert large woodworking projects into small woodworking projects or small woodworking projects into large woodworking projects while keeping accurate proportions. Very useful for proportionately increasing or decreasing woodworking dimensions. WoodMaster may send us a Job Planner form through email, which we can print and use on our next project. The Project Planner form is pre-populated with the most common information needed to create a woodworking project. Sending additional planner form suggestions, and the app developers incorporate them into a future edition. We can use the WoodMaster app to email the PDF version of this Project Planner. For woodworkers using an Android, iPhone, or iPad, WoodMaster is a very useful application. The app is priced $7.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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