Wordifly The Word Game for iPhone Review

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Wordifly for iPhone is an award winning word/puzzle game which can be played and enjoyed by users of all age groups. The inclusion of words and vocabulary within the contents of the game is intended to provide a fun filled learning experience for all the players, especially the younger ones. Wordifly iPhone game app which sizes around 70 MB in the App Store is available for around $0.15 to download and install.


As indicated by its name, Wordifly Word Game for iPhone features a fly called Glowee, which is to be controlled and lead by the player to greater heights. To lead or to show the path of its flight, the user needs to steer it towards the stars with letters that come in its way. The objective is to create words with those star letters one by one and fill up the word slots placed on top of the screen. Each word you create will increase the energy levels or fire (as called in the game) of the fly, which when runs out will let it fall down, thereby ending the game. In addition to the normal game-play, there are also quite a few additional objectives, missions, bonuses etc to spice up the proceedings.


A game like Wordifly for iPhone doesn’t demand any kind of high end technical features and as a result, more than the richness factor, what strikes most is the level of simplicity the app maintains throughout the game. Still the highly entertaining and completely uninterrupted game-play devoid of any lags or drags, in addition to the perfect graphics and effects that suit the mood and need of the game are some technicalities it an surely boast of. For beginners and for those unfamiliar with such vocabularies, an assist function is also provided as a help.


Wordifly – The Word Game for iPhone can very well become a favorite for all those looking for a well designed, well developed word game which provides equal amount of fun and knowledge. The high level of critical acclaim, the extreme positive user reviews and the huge number of downloads are strong proofs for its liking among thousands of iOS users across the globe.

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