WorldCard Mobile app for iPhone Review

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WorldCard Mobile for iPhone is a business card scanner that would come handy to all professionals out there. In a conference or business meeting, this app comes handy to quickly collect the business card contents of fellow executives and add them to the contacts. You can download WorldCard Mobile – Business Card Reader & Business Card Scanner app for $6.99 from iTunes App Store.


WorldCard Mobile app for iPhone makes it easy to scan business cards to save for later. You can also contact people from within the app. That is, users can make a phone call, send SMS and email to your contacts directly. You can view and manage contact information with card holder function. WorldCard Mobile app uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer information from business cards to users’ native contacts. With a simple click of the camera, you no longer have to manually input contact info from business cards or email signatures. Further, the app has syncing solution, therein making it possible to access your digital rolodex when you’re on the move.


The best aspect is that you can use WorldCard Mobile app anywhere. It is easy to scan the business cards, and the app does the rest to fill in the contact details. Later, you can sort recognized information by name, position, company, phone number, fax number, address or other fields. The app is also configured to recognize 25 languages including Spanish, Dutch and Danish. The app also provides a means to find your contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Users can also exchange contact data through Open In, Mail and iTunes File Sharing. You can also easily import/export or backup your data on Mac/Windows quickly and conveniently. It also allows you to share or backup your contacts via cloud services (iCloud / Dropbox).


When conventions and conferences come around, you’ll end up with lots of business cards. WorldCard Mobile for iPhone helps you to quickly convert those cards into digital format, and save it to the address book for later retrieval. The app is pretty precise in extracting the contact information from the business cards. Its recognition of 25 languages is a big plus, while the card holder function let you view and manage contact information. The UI is largely user friendly. We also found the app to be stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re scouting for a robust business card reader.

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