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WritePad app for iPhone is a notes application that lets you handwrite your thoughts on your smartphone’s screen, and have the handwriting automatically transformed into text. The app is also artificial intelligent to an extent that it continuously learns user’s writing patterns, and improves over time. That is, more you use it, the better its usability becomes. The Writepad iPhone application comes at a price tag of $3.99 per license.

The Application

When you open WritePad iPhone app for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a help page that explains the gestures and how to use the application in general to scribble your texts. In Writepad app, you enter text by dragging your finger on the screen in the desired shape. As you do, a matching line is drawn out showing the letters/words that you’ve drawn out. Once you pause after scribbling a word, the app automatically converts the handwritten text to digital format. Further, since the app does not come with a keyboard, you have to rely on on-screen gestures to simulate keyboard actions such as backspace or select. For example, in order to delete a text using backspace action, simply move your finger from right to left. Similarly, in order to select the whole text on the screen, simply make one big swipe your finger from bottom-left to top-right of the screen.

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You can customize the recognition delay time as you wish. WritePad app recognizes cursive, print and mixed handwriting styles, and supports 13 languages at the moment. Further, like most iPhone apps, you can edit the text anytime, send the written text to the email application to be emailed, or share it via SMS, Twitter, Facebook etc. Also, text shortcuts can be configured in the app settings to make typing of frequently used words a lot easier. Other features include compatibility with DropBox, and custom directory that lets you insert your own words that you tend to use often in text messaging.

The interface of iPhone WritePad app is well laid out and user friendly for most parts even though the size of iPhone screen may be limiting sometimes. However, it will not hamper its usability any significantly.


Those who prefer scribbling over typing will find WritePad app for iPhone interesting. It is easy to use, even though it will take couple of days of use to get used to all its functionalities and utilities. You might not use it to write long text messages. But for some short email/SMS, WritePad iPhone app works just fine on any given day.

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