ZDAY Survival Simulator App for iPhone Review

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ZDAY Survival Simulator app for iPhone is an intelligent adventure game wherein you choose your way and try to stay alive in a crowded suburb at ground zero affected by of a full blown infection. The interactive comic style of the game arouses memories of the old comic books that you might have read as a child. ZDAY Survival Simulator iPhone app comes at a price tag of $1.99 from Apple iTunes App Store.

How ZDAY Survival Simulator App is played?

ZDAY Survival Simulator app for iPhone is simple to figure out. You’ll have a series of choices at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll get scenarios that branch depending upon what you choose, including gear and team. The game isn’t too long, and every time you start from the very exact place, which can get a bit monotonous after some time. Also there are no checkpoints either. But the same can’t be said about the situations you get to face. There is lots of variety as you’ll have to choose between whether to party up with a survivor, save someone trapped in a car, or make a little detour to dig out some weapons while the clock is ticking for local evacuation. Your survival ultimately depends on how you analyze a given situation, and make the appropriate move.

ZDAY Survival Simulator App for iPhone

Further, the game seems to have no sense of urgency whatsoever. You can take your own time if you want, but at your own peril. Also, you don’t get any idea as to how many zombies are around you at a given time. Special emphasis must be given to the inventory you have. If you have more inventories, your chances of survival also go up, even though you can’t use anything from it.

The graphics of iPhone ZDAY Survival Simulator game app is typical comic book like, with background music. The illustrations are good to say the least. If you don’t want the music, you can easily mute it. As you finish the game, you get to view the statistics of how you performed overall. This could be an incentive to replay the game. But there is no set formula for playing ZDAY Survival Simulator application. It depends entirely on your ability to analyze a given situation, and being alert throughout the game play.


ZDAY Survival Simulator app for iPhone is fun to play. The comic book style graphic stands out. But the game would have been more interesting had it had more choices and scenarios. A different starting point each time would also have killed the inevitable monotone. Verdict: a game for every zombie lover out there.

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