Zenforms Protectors App for iPhone Review

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Still it is a bit of disappointment for lots of gamers that Pokermon is not available on the iPhone. You got some Pokermon imitators, most of which are nothing but terrible. However, we came across this one: Zenforms: Protectors app for iPhone that is quite similar to Pokermon even though it is not the same. You can get Zenforms: Protectors for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

Zenforms: Protectors App Features

Zenforms Protectors game app for iPhone is a 2D monster training and battling RPG set in a modern fantasy world, a lot like Pokermon. But it is not exactly like Pokermon. If you start playing Zenforms: Protectors for the Pokermon experience, you stand to be disappointed. It has got far fewer monsters and far less of a story to follow. However, that does not mean that your experience isn’t worth your time. Zenforms: Protectors is quite enjoyable in its own way.

In Zenforms: Protectors game app, you’re a student in Protector Academy, wherein you’re learning to become a protector of various Zenforms – the magical creatures that spring from Gaia Crystals. You start off as an orphan with few friends and learn how to collect and train Zenforms. They evolve depending on how they are trained, giving the player great control. Not long into the story, your school is shutdown because of a band of violent rebels and now you got to make your own way in the world. The game has an engrossing storyline, with a world that is lots of fun to explore.

Zenforms Protectors App for iPhone

The game has got charming graphics. However, lack of a save option is a bit annoying even though the game is pretty stable. The stats menu can be fine tuned further, even though still it is quite easy to set up your attacks and attempt to capture the Zenforms. Unlike Pokermon, there are not many monsters to trouble you. But there are enough to keep the game play interesting. Zenforms: Protectors is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 or later.


You’ll love Zenforms: Protectors app for iPhone if you were a fan of Pokermon. The game-play is fresh and quite engrossing throughout even though you only got to deal with far lesser number of monsters. Your chances depends on how well your train your Zenforms. The graphics is good so are the sound effects. A surprising omission is the ‘auto-save’ option that is usually standard to such games. Verdict: An game app that provides decent gaming experience for a reasonable price tag.

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