Zoo Train iPhone Educational Game App Review

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Zoo Train for iPhone is an educational game for kids below 5 years age. It has five different educational games for learning letters, words, patterns, shapes, and music plus sticker rewards that will motivate the kids. You can get Zoo Train app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Zoo Train Educational Game App Features

Zoo Train app for iPhone let pre-schoolers learn as they play. The app features games with alphabet, letters, making words, patterns and shapes, puzzle logic, hand-eye coordination, and music fun. Kids can place letter blocks in their correct spots to create the words and learn how to spell. In no time, your little ones will be spelling big words. They can also build their own train, complete with train engines, a variety of cars – then watch it animate and ride in the location of their choice. Zoo Train for iPhone provides a terrific method of learning for your preschoolers. From alphabets to learning music notes, they will have a great time exploring and interacting with the app. The kids can also learn about music with the app. Kids can play each note separately or tap on the entire picture to hear a complete song. The experience will be incredible fun and simulating for your kid’s growing brain.


The UI of Zoo Train app is thoughtfully designed. The easy and intuitive interface doesn’t require instruction. Kids will find it colourful and easy to use. The music and sound effects are impressive. The animations are slick and smooth as well. Further, the friendly vocal reinforcement helps kids learn letter names and recognize word spellings. We found the app to be reasonably stable and responsive as well. Zoo Train app requires iOS versions 5.1.1 or later.

Perfect Education Tool for Kids

Zoo Train app for iPhone is a perfect education tool to have if you got kids at home looking to pick up basics of letters, words, patterns, and shapes. The app got an intuitive and colourful UI that makes is easy for kids to learn and have fun. The graphics is good, so are the animations. The app is also slick and responsive. Overall, a fun educational app that would help kids learn words, letters and solve puzzles in a playful way. Check it out if you’re scouting for a similar app.

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