1 Second Everyday App for Android Review

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What will be the end result if you attempt to record one-second video clips of things around you for some months or a year or so? If such an idea intrigues you, check out 1 Second Everyday app for Android. You can help yourself with any video capture tool and this app will stitches clips and trims them automatically. 1 Second Everyday Android app comes at a nominal price tag of $0.99 in Google Play Store. You can use it for free for a trial period of thirty days.

1 Second Everyday App Features

1 Second Everyday app for Android let you capture a daily video, shorten it down to one second clips using the app and save it by date. Once you have enough clips to create a decent montage, the app will stitch them together as one. The final result will be a complete look of your past life, summarized by day. The app also let you maintain separate timelines or video feeds devoted to creative endeavors. It appears that developers of 1 Second Everyday realize the human tendency to forget things. Hence they’ve provided the app with an option to configure a reminder so that you don’t forget to record clips regularly. The app let you maintain separate timelines or video feeds devoted to creative endeavors.

1 Second Everyday App for Android

The vide montages made using 1 Second Everyday are locally stored in your phone. But if you’re worried about exhausting the storage space in your phone, you can opt to upload it to Google Drive by linking your Gmail account. Of course, you have the option to share the clips on the social network.

As far as creating your compilation goes, you can do it by year, month, or even by entering a start and end date. The app will stitch together the video clips, with each clip having a date tag so that you can watch the days progress. The main UI of 1 Second Everyday app displays all clips via a calendar, with a thumbnail dedicated for each day. It makes things easier for the user as now you know which days got a clip associated with it. The app works with Android OS 4.0 or higher.


1 Second Everyday app for Android does not bring in a new concept; but it is unique in the sense that it let you to try out something a bit different. With the app, you can record one second video clips everyday and they’re eventually stitched together to create a beautiful video montage of your days. You can set reminders to record your clips regularly, share your creations via social network or backup your contents to Google Drive. But unless you specify, the app contents are stored privately in your phone. Verdict: Good one.

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