Secret Video Recorder Pro App for Android Review

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If you are on the lookout for a professional hidden camera; Secret Video Recorder Pro App for Android is the paramount. It is the best secret recorder available in Google Play store and is extremely easy to use. Now, spying has become so easy and is just a click away. Just click on the App’s Icon to Start or Stop the recording. No video preview is shown on the screen. You can use this app to record secret videos in business meetings, lectures, and conferences. During recording, the phone can be used for normal operations like playing games, browsing, listening to music, reading news, sending messages and for making phone calls. You can also Black out the screen without affecting the video recording. Secret Video Recorder Pro Android App can be downloaded for $6.99 from Google Play.

Features of Secret Video Recorder Pro App

With Android Secret Video Recorder Pro app, the recording has become so easy that it starts and stops with a single click on the Icon. The app is completely discreet as, the launcher has a custom icon. The unmatched clarity of Full HD video (1920×1080) recording is the specialty of this App. The storage space for each video is limited to 20 minutes or 1 GB.

Secret Video Recorder Pro App for Android

Once the Notification Icon is disabled, there will be no screen indication that the video is getting recorded. The recorded videos can be stored both on internal or external cards upon choice. Both front and back cameras can be used for recording. Privacy is assured as it requires very little permission. If security is a concern for you, then this app should be your first choice as, it acts as a CCTV and Surveillance camera. The recorded video file appears as SVR_VIDEO_, date and time and end with 3gp. This avoids the hassle of sudden identification.

One additional feature of Secret Video Recorder Pro app is, you can start recording by a long press of the search button. Stop worrying about the battery getting drained off as, the screen can be turned off while recording; giving your phone a longer life. Moreover, storage space consumed by this app is very less.


Secret Video Recorder Pro App for Android is the best hidden camera application in the market that does discreet background recording while the phone is in general use. Although, it may not work on some Motorola and HTC devices but it is worth having this Reliable Application on your Android.

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