AddMeNow Pro App for Android Review

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Everyone might have had this moment when they need to add a new contact to their phone when they meet up with an old friend or someone new. AddMeNow Pro app for Android provides you a rapid, worry-free way to add a new contact to their phone. It also has shake to add NFC functions. You can get AddMeNow Pro Android app for $2.99 from Google Play Store. The app is also available in an ad-supported free version.

AddMeNow Pro App Features

Using AddMeNow Pro Android app is simple. First the app prompts you to enter your information including a profile photo. You can save contacts to your phone or select to save to your Google account. AddMeNow Pro makes adding the people you meet faster than ever. You can add contacts via “Add with Text” or “Add with Call.” If you add with text, you simply click on the button, followed by entering your friend’s information and click ‘add’. If you do add with call, you click on the selected button and enter your friend’s info and click ‘add’. Your friend will automatically be saved to your phone and they will receive a call from you.

AddMeNow Pro App for Android

AddMeNow Pro is developed by a XDA forum user. However, since it is available in Google Play, you don’t to sideload it like most offerings from the XDA Developers forum. The UI is extremely user friendly. You got three tabs: Me, Add Only and Settings. The ‘Me’ tab is what you take to after entering your info. You can see the info at the top, the profile photo and two actions buttons- add with call, and add with text. You can set your own custom text message when you use the “Add with Text” option. The ‘Add Only’ tab let you add contacts by entering just their name and contact number. It got two actions buttons: Add Contact and Clear. The configurable options related to the app can be found under ‘Settings’ tab. AddMeNow Pro is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 and up.


AddMeNow Pro app for Android cuts down the hassle of having to add contacts to your phone and manually text/call them to offer your personal info. The app let you do all these without having to navigate through multiple menus/screens. Shake to add NFC functions are another highlight. Verdict: Since everyone has to deal with contacts regularly, we recommend everyone to try this out.

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