100 Cameras in 1 App for iPhone Review

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Do you love creativity in photography? If the answer is yes, you will relish it. One of the top ten applications in the world which has created ripples in the iTunes App Store is the one and only 100 Cameras in 1 for iPhone. The app is a bolt out of blue. It will astound whenever you take a snap. Developed by SIC Media, the app has already bagged 4+ ratings on iTunes App Store.


100 Cameras in 1 iPhone app interface is clean and natural, with preference settings that allow easy sharing of your creations on the social networking sites like Facebook, Email, and Flickr. The application permits a user to take a picture, or pick one from the library, then span through and browse an apparently perpetual measure of conceivable effects and filters for a glossy output. You can add up to hundred effects which use mixes of hard light, overlay and many more in the snap which is remarkable. 100 Cameras in 1 application is without a doubt more than outstanding; not just its performance emerges out, additionally the extent that photographic conclusions are concerned; the general nature of this application meets the expectations.

100 Cameras in 1 App for iPhone

The simplicity of 100 Cameras in 1 is quite impressive. It never put down your gadget with lengthy processing times or bulky file sizes. The app is designed in keeping mind the ease of use and speed. As you make and share pictures, you develop focuses through Apple’s Game Centre. These focuses will obviously provide for you an innate feeling of achievement and fulfillment, and you can come close your amazing measure of focuses against your apathetic companions. This handy feature will keep alive your creativity and pushes you more to make a click. Photographs are effortlessly edited and resized with basic touch motions, setting the craftsmanship to any of resolutions as 300×300, 600×600, 1000×1000 or 1200×1200.


100 Cameras in 1 for iPhone requires iOS versions 5.0 or higher. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app is also optimized for iPhone 5. The app can be downloaded for ‎$1.99 from iTunes App Store. Get this app for a spectacular photography experience and give your new and old memories a new punch of life and let your snaps do the talking.

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