Horn App for iPhone Review

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Horn for iPhone is one of the most nail biting adventurous, entertaining and challenging iOS game which has been 12+ rated on the iTunes App Store. Developed by Phosphor Games, LLC Horn game is about a character in quest to undo the curse that surrounds his homeland. Action and Adventure are two words to define this enthralling game.


The game begins with HORN (a young blacksmith apprentice in the game) who wakes up in a baffling tower to discover that all other living creatures have been transformed into mechanical enormities. The most outstanding feature of Horn game is the 3D graphics which is far better than its rivalries available on App Store. Daylight streams through windows, trees influence apathetically in the wind and gigantic, cumbersome monsters easily watch on from the foundation as you clear puzzles. On your incredible battle against monsters you are carrying a sword, crossbow and a musical horn. The waving sword action during the battle, horn play to break structure to make way and an appealing sound play will push your gaming experience to another peak. Horn game app is well blended mixture of action and puzzle solving. HORN impeccable art design and excellent sense of imagination make each level of puzzle more interesting and joyous to play.

Horn App for iPhone

Horn for iPhone is an adrenaline enthralling game and it keeps challenging your reflexes to meet your expectations. The user interface of the app is splendid. The game play is remarkable which won’t let you stop scrolling, tapping, and playing. It begins straightforward, yet every foe has its assault examples and idiosyncrasies to evaluate. Later rivals and manager battles oblige a cautious approach and have trickier, better-monitored shortcomings. There are three unique and beautiful worlds a player needs to explore. There are gems that you need to collect as rewards. The game supports different languages such as English, French, and Chinese etc.


Horn game app for iPhone is a masterpiece for hard gamers who love action and a bit of puzzles. The game can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store. The game requires iOS versions 5.0 or higher. The game performs superbly on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. HORN is perfect for a twenty-minute break or a lazy evening in the sofa and a boring journey. Get this app and unleash the 3D action and adventure entirely with touch-screen gestures on the iPhone and free the village from the curse.

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