Canvas Designer App for iPhone Review

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Canvas Designer for iPhone is developed by off-ice applications. Creativity is a word to define this application. The app let you create designs from a variety of graphical and artistic elements and colors. The app is rated 4+ on the App Store, meeting the expectations of the users nicely.


Canvas Designer iPhone app makes use of high quality vector (magnitude + direction) based drawing which is pretty much similar to high professional programs and imparts a high resolution design quality. Launching the application gives a user two options, one to create new design wizard or load design from online library. There are numerous design templates available which let you create your unique designs in just few taps. The app supports many elements which can be incorporated in the design such as ARCS draws curves in different shades, RAYS adds light beam and shines the design, PARTICLES create endless beautiful line art creations and many more. Addition to this, the element has a set of properties which can be customized in order to fine tune every aspect of the design.

Canvas Designer App for iPhone

Canvas Designer for iPhone provides an impressive graphics user interface. The app permits you to save a copy of your design on the device to use it as wallpaper. Besides this you can share your designs on the social network or even email it your friends. The app understands the quality of image and save it in 32 bit PNG format which can be transferred as a layer into any graphics program. This is not a simple application to ace yet once you do, you will be compensated with without a doubt remarkable plans formed precisely the route you like them. To learn about certain tips and techniques and to get enlivened, please visit the online exhibition on the website The app performance is impressive. But sometimes it took a while to process due to high resolution graphics.


Canvas Designer for iPhone is an out of blue application which let you utilize innumerable features to dig deeper and explore new designs. The app requires IOS versions 5.1 or later. The app is splendid and works superb on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Keeping the above perspective in mind the app is a worth to download from iTunes App Store. Get a copy of the Canvas Designer app for $1.99 to unleash a hidden talented designer inside you.

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