AirPhotoViewer App for iPhone Review

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AirPhotoViewer for iPhone is a Wi-Fi photograph viewer application that gives a user to directly view photographs from computer without sync. It is an innovative application designed by AirPhoto which has already bagged 4+ ratings on the iTunes App Stores.


AirPhotoViewer iPhone app provides an impeccable user interface. The application permits a user to directly view the images on computer to iOS devices without any synchronization. The performance of application depends on the Wi-Fi connectivity between iOS devices and computer PC. The splendid feature of the app is to share images as a website that can be access from the web browser. Besides this you can also share the snaps among devices containing AirPhotoViewer. AirPhotoViewer responds well to Wi-Fi connectivity. Once after launch of application, it will scan and notify about the possible wireless connection in few seconds. The app supports ten languages ranging from English to Italian.

AirPhotoViewer App for iPhone

AirPhotoViewer for iPhone permits a user to set a password for the image folder to secure it from unauthorized access. It let you save photos from Twitter and Facebook to your gadget directly to camera roll. The image saved into the device will have a file name, size and date. The snaps imported from computer can be saved, downloaded and even assign as a contact photo. There are other features like zoom in and out, thumbnails, drag to the next and slideshow which are remarkable. There were few technical bugs which are minor to be neglected. AirPhotoViewer is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes App Store.


AirPhotoViewer for iPhone needs iOS versions 7.0 or later. The application is a worth to download as it brings a lot of features on the board to ease the import of images of the computer. If you are an application freak and really find troublesome to import images of PC’s to iOS gadgets then this can be a good option to help you.

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