1TapAlarm App for iPhone Review

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1TapAlarm App for iPhone is one of the simplest ways to setup a timer or notification for an upcoming event. You might have come across many alarm apps in iTunes. But this one is different in terms of its intuitiveness as well as robustness. 1TapAlarm iPhone app by Shiny Frog can be obtained from iTunes App Store for $1.99.

1TapAlarm App Features

1TapAlarm app for iPhone makes job a lot easier; you can set up an alarm with just one tap. The first thing you note about 1TapAlarm is its gorgeous user interface. Once you open 1TapAlarm iPhone application, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful LCD digits display with a dial knob control. Now how do you start the timer? Simply dial the knob to the desired number and the app will start timing straightaway. There it is! It takes just one tap to start the timer. Hence the name! If you want to reset the timer, tap on the familiar refresh icon.

1TapAlarm App for iPhone

You can choose from multiple alarm tones; pick the ones that please your ear. Once you set an alarm, when the time is up, you’ll receive a local push notification. For information sake, a local push notification does not require an internet connection to work. It all happens within the application you got. Further, you’ll receive the notifications even if the app is closed. Another notable feature of 1TapAlarm iPhone app is that you can customize the alert messages as you wish. Control freaks will certainly love this feature. 1TapAlarm works with iOS versions 4.0 or higher. It got a rather bulky file size of 17.7 MB.

Final Thoughts

1TapAlarm app for iPhone is one of the most intuitive alarm apps you’ll find in iTune. It got virtually every feature you’ll expect to see in a typical alarm application. Setting alarms is a cake walk, while the unique dial knob control brings in some variety to the user interface. You’ll receive local push notifications even if the app is closed. Option to customize alert notifications is a handy feature. Overall performance of the app is quite robust with no major bugs whatsoever. To sum it up, 1TapAlarm is a decent alarm app to have in your iPhone, its $1.99 price tag notwithstanding.

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