Stratus App for iPhone Review

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CloudApp is a power concept and now you got a simple solution to browse and mange your CloudApp account from your iPhone. Stratus app for iPhone comes handy in uploading and sharing links with CloudApp alongside managing what is already in your account. Stratus iPhone app comes at a price tag of $1.99.

Stratus App Features

Stratus app for iPhone got a very friendly user interface. It is elegant and colorful and helps you understand what is going on in any moment or what types of files you are interacting with. All file types have their own custom icons so that you won’t have any difficulty recognizing the files. You can browse ‘all items’, ‘trash’ and filter by type based on what you need to find. The toolbar buttons are more rounded than Apple’s default buttons, which is quite a change from the usual.

The look & feel apart, notable features of Stratus app for iPhone include real-time uploads, deleting options, view counts and inline webpage previews. In other words, you can view web previews without having to leave Stratus, and any change happening in your CloudApp account will be pushed instantly to the app.

Stratus App for iPhone

They term it infinite scrolling – you can scroll to the bottom of the item list and Stratus loads the next 30 of your items. Uploading contents is a cake walk; you can upload images from the camera roll or directly from the camera. Deleting files is also easy: you got swipe to delete or simply click the trash button. However, you can’ select multiple items for deletion, which seems to be a bit of a downside with this feature. Also, with Stratus for iPhone, you can’t open links in Safari, forward via email or rename uploads.

Stratus iPhone application is compatible with iOS versions 4.0 or higher. It got a download file size of just 1.8 MB.

Final Thoughts

Stratus app for iPhone is not an official CloudApp client. But it works and behaves like one. The app is quite user friendly and gives what it promises. The inline webpage previews, intuitive push technology, and real-time uploads are standout features. Lack of sharing via email is a bit of a downer though. Keep in mind that in order to use Stratus, you got to have a free CloudApp account. Verdict: Your gateway to the world of CloudApp.

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